Order Level Materials: Key Considerations
Order Level Materials: Key Considerations
In June, the General Services Administration (GSA) updated the General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation (GSAR) to incorporate the Order Level Materials (OLM) authority. The final rule allows buyers to acquire products and services through the Schedules program that are not known at the time of contract award. While GSA has held numerous trainings and discussions surrounding the new rule, some uncertainty remains around how the rule will be implemented and applied, and how the authority will be used.

Please join us for an hour-long webinar, as Baker Tilly provides an overview of the OLM rule along with a discussion focused on the practical application of the rule and some key considerations for contractors to consider. This discussion will include:
• A brief overview of the final rule
• How the types of materials covered by the rule were previously acquired, and how this may change going forward
• Strategies for pricing OLMs
• The 33% limitation
• Important considerations for contractor assessments and audits
• Other considerations when proposing a product or service as an OLM

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