The Defense Production Act - Trends, Developments, and...
The Defense Production Act - Trends, Developments, and...
In the past year, there have been new trends and developments in DPA policy, regulation, enforcement, and Government investment. The Biden Administration has already signaled that the DPA has an important role to play in battling the pandemic and decreasing U.S. reliance on foreign manufacturing for critical supplies and technology. In this webinar, we will bring you up to date on changes in the DPA and how the Act is likely to be used to manage key segments of the economy in the near future. David Black and Eric Crusius of Holland & Knight will be discussing:

A review of DPA developments and applications in 2020;

DPA-related provisions in the 2021 NDAA;

Early actions by the Biden Administration about its intended use of DPA authorities; and

Potential opportunities and risks for manufacturers in the healthcare, defense, and technology sectors.

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