Small Business Subcontracting Plans and Flow Down Clauses...
Small Business Subcontracting Plans and Flow Down Clauses...
The Coalition hosted David S. Black and Eric S. Crusius from Holland & Knight LLP to discuss Small Business Subcontracting Plans and Flow Down Clauses Demystified.

Small Business Subcontracting Plans are an underappreciated compliance risk for prime contractors and opportunity for small business subcontractors. Likewise, understanding which clauses should be flowed down from a prime contract to a subcontractor can have important impacts in shifting and sharing performance risk and cost. In this webinar, they will help you understand:

• Establishing Small Business Subcontracting Plans under FAR 52.219-9, including individual plans and commercial plans
• Reporting requirements and other compliance requirements regarding Small Business Subcontracting Plans
• How NAICS Codes size standards are assigned to small business subcontracts and how subcontractors represent size and socioeconomic eligibility
• How small businesses can develop marketing strategies using the leverage created by the Small Business Subcontracting Plan requirement
• Understanding the differences between mandatory and discretionary flow down clauses
• How to develop negotiation goals and strategy regarding flow down clauses from the perspective of a prime and a subcontractor

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