Obtaining and Administrating a Federal Supply Schedule...

Obtaining and administering a Federal Supply Schedule contract vehicle with VA can be challenging, especially for small business distributors that do not have significant commercial sales of their own. During this webinar, Orlaithe Consulting’s Greg Madden and Hannah Zerphey will discuss:

What is required to prepare and submit a Federal Supply Schedule contract proposal package that meets the associated statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements;

Common pitfalls and best practices during the proposal review and negotiation stages, particularly in connection with distributors that have insignificant commercial sales in comparison to their sales to the federal government;

The ongoing requirements and deliverables that contractors must adhere to or provide during the term of the contract; and
How a VA FSS contract fits into the wide world of federal healthcare procurement, including VA’s MSPV Program and national contracts as well as DOD’s DAPA and eCAT programs.

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