Trends in Domestic Preference Regulations and Enforcement

Domestic preference may not be a new concept to those familiar with procuring goods and services in support of Federal contracts. However, the current administration combined with the regulatory and operational impacts of COVID-19 have created a fluid procurement environment that can be challenging for even the most mature contractors. In this webinar, we will discuss domestic preference regulations and industry trends including:

Domestic preference regulatory trends over time
• Trade Agreements Act (TAA)
• Buy American Act (BAA)
• Additional state level and agency-specific TAA/BAA requirements
• NDAA Section 889 / FAR 52.204-25, Prohibition on Contracting for Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment
• FAR 52.204-23, Prohibition on Contracting for Hardware, Software, and Services Developed or Provided by Kaspersky Lab or Other Covered Entities
• Federal Acquisition Regulation List of Domestically Nonavailable Articles

COVID-19 domestic preference regulatory changes
• Bulk-Power System (BPS) Acquisition Restriction Executive Order
• GSA schedule impacts
• FEMA PPE domestic allocation order

Domestic preference trends
• Current impacts to contractors
• Looking ahead
• Best practices

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