Contractors' Rights and Remedies in the Wake of the Shutdown

Contractors' Rights and Remedies in the Wake of the Shutdown
February 13, 2019

On Wednesday, February 13, the Coalition for Government Procurement hosted the, “Contractors’ Rights and Remedies in the Wake of the Shutdown” webinar featuring Holland & Knight LLP’s procurement experts. The webinar provides an overview contractors’ basic entitlement to price/cost and schedule adjustments and the procedure for pursuing these remedies under a variety of clauses most commonly used or triggered during a government shutdown. While each contractor’s situation is necessarily unique and best addressed on a contract-by-contract basis, this webinar provides a basic framework and issue-spotting tools to help the contracting community identify opportunities for recovery to mitigate the harmful effects of the shutdown.

This timely webinar will help you understand:

• What impacts, obvious and not-so-obvious, did the shutdown cause?
• When costs of carrying employees idled by the shutdown are recoverable?
• What other kinds of increased costs arising from de-mobilizing and remobilizing a contractor’s workforce are allowable?
• What is the basic format and supporting documentation of requests or claims?
• What are the key timeframes?
• What happens when a contractor worked in excess of contract funding?
• What should a contractor do if the Government shuts down again in February?

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