The Latest on MSPV-NG from the VA (Complimentary)

On Thursday, June 28, the Coalition for Government Procurement was pleased to host a webinar with guest speakers, Jaime Friedel, Director of Procurement Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) at the Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC), and Carl Workman, Senior Contracting Officer at the VA SAC, who briefed industry on the current status of the MSPV-Next Generation (MSPV-NG) program and next steps.

In April 2018, a Justification and Notification (J&A) was published by the VA SAC to change the MSPV-NG contracts with prime vendors from "distribution" to "distribution and supply" contracts to increase the number of Formulary items from 7,800 to approximately 80,000 items.